Samsung Exynos 5250When it comes to the Galaxy S III, our hearts and minds are more than a little weary. In the past few weeks alone, we've heard a number of conflicting reports about whether or not Samsung intends to show off the device at next month's Mobile World Congress. Well see it, we won't, and maybe we will. To ease our sadness, the Korean-based company reportedly said it has "interesting stuff" to fill the Galaxy S III void. As in, a tablet equipped with Android 4.0, 10+ inch WXQGA display (2560×1600) and 2.0 GHz Exynos 5250 processor, perhaps?

Before we start getting all excited, Android and Me, from whom the rumor originates, clearly states this rumor is purely speculation. They do, however, have solid sounding (as far as rumors are concerned) reasoning behind it. Turns out that while attending this year's CES, one Android and Me writer spied what looked to be a prototype tablet equipped with Exynos 5250 while visiting Samsung System LSI.

The Exynos 5250, which was announced last November, will be Samsung's first mobile processor to feature ARM's latest Coretex-A15 CPU core. If you're wondering why this upgrade in mobile technology is such a big deal, Android and Me explains as follows, "Basically we should see twice the [computing] power, insane memory bandwidth (12.8 GB/s), 5x the graphics horsepower, and all day battery life."

Even if Samsung does show us a tablet of this caliber next month, mass production probably won't kick into high gear until Q2 at the earliest. If they do indeed have Exynos 5250 prototypes lying around, it leads us to believe the company has every intention on introducing something sooner rather than later.

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