Fans of Samsung’s Tizen operating system—if such fans actually exist—are already used to disappointment. The home-grown mobile OS has seen more delays than we can keep track of, and this week the company added one more to the list. What should have been the triumphant launch for the Samsung Z in Moscow on Thursday was instead just another setback for the first Tizen smartphone.

The Samsung Z was announced last month, with plans to launch in Russia during the third quarter of 2014 ahead of a global rollout. The company was expected to unveil the physical device for the first time this week at the Tizen developers conference in Moscow, but when the big moment arrived the new phone was a no-show. According to The Wall Street Journal the decision to delay the event was made earlier this week, though the company still plans to debut the Samsung Z in Russia at some point.

As for when that release actually takes place, Samsung isn’t offering many details. In a statement to WSJ, the company said the Russia launch is coming “later.” The reason for this week’s delay appears to be a sparse ecosystem on Tizen, which is still struggling to attract app-makers more comfortable developing for Android and iOS. Hopefully we’ll get an official look at the Samsung Z later this year, though given the company’s track record there’s no guarantee the promised handset will ever see the light of day.