Following a record-breaking earnings report from Apple earlier this week, Samsung shared its own results for the holiday season on Wednesday. For now, it looks like the two companies could be practically tied when it comes to smartphone sales.

Samsung didn’t reveal exactly how many handsets it sold, instead announcing that it shipped 95 million handsets over the quarter. Re/code suggests that could translate to as many as 75 million units sold. By comparison, Apple announced this week that it sold 74.5 million iPhones, putting the two companies closer then they’ve been for years.

It will be interesting to see who pulls ahead in a year or even three months from now. From the looks of it, Apple is in a better position, posting record growth while Samsung’s profits continue to decline. A year from now iPhone sales could officially eclipse the South Korean company’s Android lineup.

Of course, it’s possible Samsung will turn things around in 2015, especially if the upcoming Galaxy S6 lives up to the hype. Apple may also have trouble matching the massive success it saw this year with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. At this point it could be anyone’s game, though for the moment Cupertino does appear to have the upper hand.