When our parents talk about “The Wall,” they’re probably talking about a Pink Floyd album or that thing that used to split Germany in two. Here at TechnoBuffalo, though, we’re talking about a television the likes of which we’ve only dreamt about.

Alongside an 85-inch 8K QLED panel, Samsung will be showing this display it calls The Wall at CES. The TV uses the same technology Samsung employed to build a 34-foot, 4K-resolution, HDR display last year at Cinemacon 2017. Just, you know, home-sized – at a whopping 146 inches.

The MicroLED tech that powers the display is modular, and Samsung says “users can add or remove modules to make their TV bigger or smaller, in any configuration, removing previous limitations on screen size, with zero impact on performance of the display.”

The tech is similar to that of Jumbotron screens in that these displays are made up of a bunch of tiny LEDs that can be turned on and off individually, not unlike OLED TVs. In case you’re worried about the display showing chunky, low-res images, though, these LEDs are less than the width of a human hair.

The Wall is capable of 2000 nits brightness, making it a perfect display for HDR video, and can handle the cinema-standard DVI-P3 color space. It’s unclear what kind of refresh rate and display lag the technology offers, so gamers will have to wait to see what we can expect for the tech.

Meanwhile, I’m going to clear off a wall for a 146-inch TV. Samsung hasn’t said how much this thing will cost, but we can definitely afford it, right?