Samsung's never been one to shy away from multiple iterations of the same basic concept in their product lines. To wit, they currently sell smartphones that run the Android, Windows Phone and Symbian OSes in addition to their own Bada platform. So why should TVs be any different? Just because Sammy's got a line of app-friendly Smart TVs running proprietary software doesn't mean they can't launch a second line based on the Android-based Google TV system, right?


Looks like CES 2012 is shaping up to be a coming (back) out party for Google TV, with LG and Samsung as the guests of honor. We've already seen reports hinting at a Google-Samsung TV partnership, and now we've got the above video, which popped up on the SamsungTelevisions YouTube channel today. Teasing the company's "Future of Smart TV, Now" CES '12 presentation, the clip ends with a shot of a modern-day family watching TV with smartphones and tablets in hand (Dad is using his phone as a remote control for the big screen). Since Samsung already offers Android device remote control across the upper end of its Smart TV line, one would have to imagine there's something more in store than a simple "control TeeVee with your PHONE!" play.

Google TV? That'd be big enough to warrant a propped up coming out party at CES. If not in consumer's eyes (we all know what GTV version 1 did to Logitech), then for Samsung's relationship with Google, anyway. It could be that Samsung's actually going to unveil 70″ OLED panels with glasses-free 3D capabilities and retail prices under $99, but the smart money's probably on Google TV. Either way, we'll find out in a few short weeks.

[Source: ChipChick, YouTube]