To hype its upcoming Super Bowl ad, Samsung has released a short Galaxy Note teaser before the device is officially unveiled on Sunday. As has been Samsung's form lately, the new clip is presented in the same vain as its previous attacks against Apple consumers. Will the Galaxy Note capture the hearts and minds of consumers everywhere? We'll find out on February 5 when the ad runs in full.

While the Galaxy Note isn't slated to arrive stateside until February 19, the unlocked version has been hanging around the TechnoBuffalo offices for a little over a month now. We also got a glimpse of the AT&T flavor at CES earlier this month.

"The Next Big Thing is Already Here… Again", the ad says. Is the Korean-based company Samsunging itself with that statement? Samsung has been touting the Galaxy S II as its next big thing, and then we got the Galaxy S II Skyrocket shortly after. There's also a Galaxy S II Skyrocket HD headed to AT&T. Now consumers are getting the Galaxy Note, which, per Jon's frequent admissions, is a great device. Still, what can we expect in the next few months?

I'm sure it matters not to Apple. The company had an incredible Q4, once again appointing it as the world's most valuable company.