samsung galaxy s5 k zoom invite

The Galaxy S5 just hit stores last week, but it looks like Samsung is already preparing to launch the first spin-off of its latest flagship phone. Over the weekend the company tweeted out a press invite for its April 29 media day, teasing the event with the tagline "Kapture the Moment," suggesting we'll probably see the rumored Galaxy S5 Zoom unveiled at the event in Singapore.

Based on recent reports, we're expecting the Galaxy S5 Zoom, which may launch as the Galaxy K Zoom, to offer a 19-megapixel camera with optical zoom, a 4.8-inch 720p display, 16GB of storage, 2GB of RAM and run Android 4.4.2. It looks like Samsung will sacrifice on some specs compared to the flagship Galaxy S5, and won't include HDR imaging with the phone. One leaked photo of the device suggested the camera lens could be flush with the rest of the design, unlike last year's bulky Galaxy S4 Zoom.

We're still not sure whether Samsung will call the new smartphone the Galaxy S5 Zoom or go with "K" in an effort to launch a new line of camera-focused phones. It shouldn't be long now before we know the device's name and all its specs for sure though. April 29 is just around the corner, though there's still plenty of time for more leaks.