Samsung Galaxy S III - Beam - Music

Those who pick up a Galaxy S III on launch day (today!) won't only receive the best Android handset to date, but they'll also gain access to Samsung's brand new Music Hub. Going head-to-head with services like Spotify, Rdio, iTunes and more, Music Hub not only allows users to take their tracks to the cloud, but also brings unlimited streaming for "millions of songs."

The new Music Hub makes its debut on the Galaxy S III, but it will rollout to other Samsung devices later on. Like its predecessor, Music Hub can be used simply to purchase music from 7digital. However, sign up to its new subscription service at €9.99 (approx. $12.50/£8) and that's when things get really interesting.

Not only will you gain access to unlimited music streaming (like Spotify or Rdio), but you'll also be able to send your entire music library to the cloud so that you can access every single track you own wherever you may be (like iTunes Match) — without eating up precious storage space on your device.

What's great about Music Hub is that it doesn't actually upload every single one of your tracks to the cloud — that could take forever. Instead, just like iTunes Match, it scans your library and then matches each of your songs to those already stored in Music Hub, only uploading the ones that aren't there.

Music Hub will intelligently take note of every song, album, artist or radio station you listen to, and then recommend new music you may be interested in. Furthermore, users will be given a very generous 100GB storage allowance, and once you're signed up to the service, you can access your library on a computer using only a web browser.

Music Hub certainly sounds like it has all the ingredients and more necessary to compete with the likes of Spotify (providing its library of songs is just as vast), and it's great to see an iTunes Match competitor for Android users.

Will you be subscribing to Music Hub?

[via TechRadar]