As expected, Apple's fiercest competitors are using BendGate to take shots at Cupertino. Following news that iPhone 6 and, more likely, iPhone 6 Plus units are prone to being bent in pockets and elsewhere, Samsung recently published a promotion for its new Galaxy Note Edge smartphone on Twitter that pokes fun at "bent" smartphones.

"Curved. Not Bent. #GalaxyNoteEdge," the Tweet from Samsung's Mobile account said, highlighting a unique feature on the side of the Galaxy Note Edge that extends the screen's real-estate and can be configured with apps, widgets and more. Playing devil's advocate here: Samsung's Galaxy Note Edge isn't even on the market yet and we already know that Samsung is definitely on its toes following the iPhone 6 launch. In fact, the company recently said that it's pushing its Galaxy Note 4 launch forward in an effort to grab consumers who might otherwise turn to an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus.

Also, a Samsung exec recently suggested that the Galaxy Note Edge is still a "concept" device. While it's set to launch on major U.S. carriers, we still don't know in what kind of quantities, when and for how much. Samsung, like LG, has every right in the world to poke fun at competitors, but it should probably get the phone to market before it pushes back too hard.