If you're still grasping onto the glory days of Samsung's Galaxy S II, your commitment to the almost two year-old device will soon pay off in a big way. Support pages for Android 4.1 Jelly Bean have appeared on the company's Korean website, meaning users can probably expect the OS to hit the device relatively soon—though how soon is unclear.

In any case, the update is set to arrive through Samsung's KIES, and bring along the expected Jelly Bean smoothness along with a few of the company's built-in features like Smart Stay. The support document warns that the incoming upgrade will actually lower your internal memory by 1 full GB (from 12GB to 11GB), so be mindful of that when the upgrade actually starts rolling out.

Hopefully carriers here in the states can do all the necessary testing rather quickly so that Galaxy S II owners can grab the software sooner rather than later.