iOS 5 - Official - Notifications

Samsung is taking Apple to task in Korea over the Cupertino company's Notification Center. According to Korean news site iNews24, Samsung only just filed the suit, so there's not much information about what exactly encompasses the spat.

The gist is that the litigation is aimed at Apple's implementation of Notification Center, which was launched back in 2011. Right now, it's unclear if this is based on a Samsung-owned patent, or an enhancement of one that Google just received a U.S. patent for. Fans can argue all day about which OS stole from which, but Apple's implementation of notifications was always going to be seen as a carbon copy of Android's, particularly since Android had its own solution long before iOS. It's taken Samsung quite a long time to file its suit, but that likely has to do with Google only just being awarded notification patents last month.

Neither company has been shy about taking the other to court, as the two have been tangled in legal battles all over the world for the majority of 2012. It's gotten to the point where it's a little strange when the two aren't suing each other. Heading into 2013, it seems neither wants to break that tradition.