All the patent lawsuits filed by and aimed at Apple are starting to get too large to count. Now, Samsung is adding to the list by filing a patent suit against Apple in Australia. In the suit, Samsung claims that Apple is infringing on 7 of its patents with the iPhone and iPad.

If an Apple vs. Samsung suit in Australia sounds familiar, that’s because Apple has already filed a suit against Samsung in Australia against the Galaxy Tab and won.

Currently the Galaxy Tab is barred from being sold in Australia because the court found it infringes on several of Apple’s patents. If Samsung is able to win its suit against Apple it could in theory block the sale of the iPhone and the iPad in the country as well. The more likely scenario; however, is that Apple and Samsung come to some sort of agreement that allows both company’s devices to be sold and that the suit (if won) simply invalidates Apple’s patents that are currently blocking Galaxy Tab sales.

What do you think about the whole Samsung vs. Apple debacle? Who do you think will ultimately be victorious?

[via Electronista]