At Samsung’s Developer Conference this week, the company touted new display technology called Infinity Flex. The technology introduces what Samsung hopes is the next frontier of mobile design, where a device is both a smartphone and a tablet.

Before that happens, Samsung is finally going to embrace the display notch. In addition to Infinity Flex, the company introduced Infinity-U, Infinity-V, and Infinity-O, a new lineup of display technology Samsung said is “just right around the corner.”

Unfortunately, Samsung didn’t reveal much information beyond formally introducing these new concepts, but based off what the company said, it sounds like we’ll see these screens in devices next year.

Does that mean something like the Galaxy S10 will feature a notch? It’s possible. A recent Bloomberg report described the Galaxy S10 has having a cutout for the device’s front-facing camera.

What’s funny is that Samsung has been vehemently against the notch trend, going so far as to mock Apple and Google, two of its biggest rivals.

It remains to be seen how committed Samsung becomes to the notch. But it introduced these new concepts as the future, which means devices like the Galaxy S9 could be the last time we see a Samsung phone without a notch.

However, at the same event, Samsung also teased a New Infinity display concept, which looks like it could be a completely edge-to-edge screen. That’s the future we want. Hopefully, Samsung can give us that future sooner rather than later.