Lawsuits are so passe. Clever, thinly veiled taunts of your competitor's customer base are where it's at! Or so Samsung Mobile would have us believe – just like Apple did a few years back, mind you – with their current spate of TV spots for the Galaxy S II line of smartphones.

The latest clip digs at iPhone's lack of support for 4G data networks. Take a gander and see how many obvious Apple references you can find. And then let us know in the comments: Do these spots make you laugh, annoy you, or sail right over your BlackBerry-toting head?

Me, I kind of like 'em. It's fun to see Apple be fed a taste of their own medicine, and it's always good to see a well-made cell phone commercial. Years of suffering through "The Creepy Palm Lady" and "The Endlessly Annoying/Scary Droid Robot" and "Yet Another Confusing and Pointless Sprint Ad" have made me nostalgic for "T-Mobile's Wiseass Kid Brother." Huzza to Samsung for hiring an ad agency who knows what they're doing, if nothing else.