The Gear S2 is already a pretty sweet smartwatch, but Samsung may have even bigger plans for the future of its wearable lineup. A pair of recent patents from the South Korean giant show how a similar Gear device could be used to control other gadgets and even work as a virtual reality remote.

The first patent focuses on using a smartwatch as the main input in virtual reality. Samsung illustrates a few different ways that could work. In one example you’d actually touch the Gear device’s display to navigate a virtual world, which could be a bit tricky without the use of your eyes. Another image shows a smartwatch and some sort of smart band worn on either wrist working together to simulate the actual action of swinging a golf club.

The second patent focuses on controlling other appliances and products with the watch. For example, you could change the channel on your Samsung TV by simply shaking your wrist. A similar action could turn on the air conditioner or even the washing machine. Since Samsung makes all these appliances itself it should be easy enough to integrate them using the same Tizen software that powers the Gear S2.

We’d love to see Samsung introduce some of these ideas to the Gear S2 or future wearables. Controlling the world around you is one potential smartwatch feature that hasn’t really be explored yet, and Samsung is well positioned to actually pull it off.