Samsung supposedly has a smartwatch of its own in the works because that’s the Big Thing this year. It’s unclear when such technology is expected to hit, but internal Samsung chatter is allegedly attempting to figure out how it’ll align with its current lineup of Galaxy products. According to a Korean message board, though, the device is most definitely coming.

What’s interesting about this leak is that the device is being called Galaxy Altius, which a previous report said was the Galaxy S IV’s codename. There’s not too much information surrounding the watch, but it will reportedly support carrier networks and sport an LCD display. Other information refers to an AltiusOS beta2, though it’s unclear if this is something built specifically for the watch form or a very shrunken down version of Android.

The screenshots show multiple different areas in the interface—it almost has a Live Tile feel—along with a music player, clock and a way to connect with email. From what it sounds like, Samsung’s little wrist computer might be the Pebble on steroids.

Rumors have suggested Samsung will unveil its Galaxy S IV on March 15, a little over a month from now. Could a smartwatch be a huge surprise nobody was expecting? That we don’t know. But we can’t wait to find out.