SmartThings hasn’t really done much since it was acquired by Samsung last year. Then, last month, the company promised a new hub and a few other products were in the works, and now we’re finally getting a look at its new family of smart home gadgets.

The new SmartThings Hub will pack an upgraded processor, a backup 10-hour battery and can even work without an Internet connection. The Hub also gets a new video monitoring feature called Smart Home Monitor, which works with some Samsung and D-Link cameras, though it’s currently in beta. The service will offer live footage on your smartphone at all times, but only starts recording in response to unexpected activity.

Meanwhile, the company’s connected sensor are smaller and sleeker than ever, so you can arrange them throughout your house or office without attracting too much attention. There’s also an upgraded app for iOS and Android with a more intuitive layout. The new user interface lets you group your smart devices by room and set up automated actions.

Beyond its own software and hardware, SmartThing now supports almost 200 third-party devices. The company even has its own “Works with SmartThings” platform designed to improve integration between new products and the official app.

The new smart home lineup is available now from SmartThings, Samsung and Amazon. You can pick up the hub for $99, with sensors ranging from $30 to $55 each. The Smart Home Monitor service is also available for free through 2015, though the company plans to start charging for some of those features later this year.