International Samsung Galaxy S4-Lock Screen

Samsung on Tuesday introduced new software, available for both Windows and Mac, that the company says will makes switching over to a Samsung device much easier. Called Smart Switch, the free tool effortlessly migrates all your personal data, media and apps from one smartphone to another, taking the hassle out of upgrading your phone.

In a video on Samsung’s site, which specifically details the process of switching from an iPhone, everything looks incredibly simple to perform. After backing up an iPhone to your computer, the Smart Switch software detects what can be transferred over to your shiny new handset—hit transfer and that’s it. In theory, all the content ported over onto your S4 or other Samsung device should be right where it needs to be.

If you want all your previous apps up and running on your new device, you’ll need to download the Smart Switch app from Google Play. Once you do that, the software will detect app matches, allowing you to download each individually. If a match isn’t found, Smart Switch will recommend alternatives, with links directly to those apps in Google Play.

Under FAQs, Samsung says Smart Switch will work with Apple, BlackBerry, LG and Nokia/Symbian platforms. Of course, content can be migrated from an older Galaxy device to another as well—Windows Phone isn’t currently supported. Right now, the recommendations feature is only available on iOS devices, Samsung said. So if you’re thinking of making the switch to one of the most popular handsets on the planet, it shouldn’t be as hard as you think.