Samsung Smart Hub 2013 update - 1

Samsung took to its Flickr account on Christmas Day to unveil a whole new look to its Smart Hub television interface, and it appears all will be revealed at CES 2013.

As the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) creeps up on us in the next couple weeks, all sorts of teases are starting to make their way out as to what we can expect to see. As is the custom, it looks like there will be a lot of updates and tweaks in the world of televisions with LG already announcing several new sets with Google TV built-in. Now Samsung is jumping in as well with images on its Flickr account of a highly redesigned Smart Hub interface.

Samsung posted three images of the new interface on its Flickr account with the following description:

Samsung Electronics introduces a whole new “Smart Hub” at 2013 International CES in Las Vegas from Jan 8th. The new Smart Hub is Samsung Smart TV’s dedicated contents platform where viewers can enjoy various contents such as real time broadcasting TV programs, on-demand movies, apps, and photos. The platform changed the design of background image and simplified the user interface to better serve the customers.

That is all we know at this time, and there is no word if this will be an update for existing sets as well as appearing on newer ones. Even though this image shows the Smart Hub on one of this year’s models, you can’t read too much into that as it could just be the company concealing what the new ones will look like.

Samsung will be holding its press conference in the afternoon of Monday Jan. 7, and we’ll be there in attendance to bring you all of the latest news.

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