For a while there, Samsung seemed determine to blanket the market in wearable devices. The company has already released six different smartwatch models in just two short years, but now it may be time to slow things down.

Speaking to The Wall Street Journal, Samsung mobile marketing exec Young-hee Lee said the company is still working on its next big smartwatch. The South Korean titan isn't rushing this one out though. Instead, it hopes to achieve "perfection" with its seventh iteration.

"We've been introducing more devices than anybody else," Lee said. "It's time for us to pause."

Leading up to Mobile World Congress, we also heard rumors that the company could be prepping a new smartwatch codenamed Orbis. The round-faced device allegedly features a rotating bezel for controlling its Tizen-based software. It's unclear when the Orbis will actually launch, though it sounds like Samsung could take its time on this one.

Then again, the company's decision to stay silent on the smartwatch front might also have something to do with Apple's upcoming announcement. A new entry from Samsung could be swept away by the hype surrounding the Apple Watch event on March 9.

Maybe we'll see the Orbis announced soon after the Apple Watch makes its debut, or maybe Cupertino's smartwatch will send Samsung back to the drawing board. Either way, we're expecting big things from the South Korean company. You can't exactly promise "perfection" and then fail to deliver it.