Samsung has pleaded with Galaxy Note 7 customers to return their dodgy devices, but it seems some just won’t listen. In an effort to change that, the company is now blocking cellular access on handsets that are still being used in Australia.

Since recalling the Note 7 for a second time and ceasing production, Samsung has taken steps to ensure that all devices are returned. Recent firmware updates added constant return reminders and capped battery life at 60 percent, but it still wasn’t enough for some.

Note 7 units are still out there, with Samsung unable to persuade some fans that they are unsafe to use. Now it is making them completely useless in Australia by shutting down their cellular access.

“Samsung Electronics Australia is working with local telecommunications operators to discontinue Australian network services for Galaxy Note 7 devices that are still being used in Australia,” the company confirmed in a statement.

“The network discontinuation will commence from December 15 and is part of Samsung’s ongoing safety measures to recover all affected Galaxy Note 7 devices.”

Samsung insists most customers in Australia have “responded well” to the recall, with only a small number of devices still in use. But the South Korean company wants to ensure that no one else is affected by an exploding handset.

Samsung has already blocked cellular access on Note 7 devices in New Zealand, and it’s likely we’ll soon see the same move in other countries where the handset is still in use. If you haven’t already returned yours, then, you might as well just get it over with.