Samsung is really trying to use the iPhone 6 Plus #BendGate to its advantage. The company has already taken at least one jab at Apple in an advertisement and now it has a tongue-in-cheek video showing the strength of the Galaxy Note 4. The clip says that things like your wallet and credit card might bend in your back pocket if you sit on them, and even questions if a smartphone will, a clear jab at the iPhone 6 Plus, before showing off a three-point bend test of the Galaxy Note 4.

Yes, the Galaxy Note 4 flexes, as all do, but it retains its shape after the fact. To be fair, Cupertino also does this same test and said that the reports of bending are so limited it has only received nine complaints so far, though more incidents have surfaced on social networks. Samsung also shows that it tests robotic butts sitting on the device in its labs, to prove that it really does test the strength of its phones in your back pocket. The video then highlights the metal frame and other aspects that appear to give it its strength, in addition to the flex the plastic offers.

We have several iPhone 6 Plus units floating around the offices and so far haven’t experienced the bending that others have. Does it happen? Sure, with enough pressure it bends and the aluminum frame doesn’t return to its original frame as well as other devices. Can we all move on now?