Samsung has released a new Galaxy Note 7 video that showcases all of the improvements it has made to the S Pen stylus this year. The clip highlights things like increased pressure sensitivity and a narrower nib for greater precision.

“When you think of the Note you can’t help but think of S Pen,” Samsung says. “It’s iconic and really has become part of the phone.” That’s why the South Korean company has worked to make it even better for the Galaxy Note 7.

Samsung has made a bunch of physical changes to its stylus this year, like making it water-resistant and preventing it from being inserted into the Note 7 upside down. It has also increased pressure sensitivity and decreased the diameter of its tip.

But that’s not all. The Galaxy Note 7 also comes with new software features that make the S Pen even more powerful, like the ability to erase with the S Pen’s stylus button, and the ability to pin memos to the always-on lock screen.

Check out all of these improvements and more in the video below.

The Galaxy Note 7 goes on sale worldwide on August 19. Be sure to check out our hands-on with Samsung’s best smartphone yet if you haven’t already.