Samsung has released three new TV ads for the Galaxy S III that showcase the smartphone's wireless sharing capabilities. Specially, each one focuses on sharing files and photographs instantly with colleagues and friends using the handset's unique AllShare and Share Shot features. All three clips are humorous and clever, and best of all, they don't shamelessly make fun of the iPhone.

In the first one-minute clip, which you can see above, entitled "Share Shot," a runner is asked to take an image of a group of friends. He then has to take the same image using a different smartphone or camera for each member of the group — so that they all have a copy of the photo. Another group then demonstrates how an image taken with the Galaxy S III can be automatically beamed to other Galaxy S III handsets, so that everyone in the shot has the same photo.

In "AllShare Play" and "AllShare Group Cast" below, Samsung demonstrates the Galaxy S III's ability to beam presentations to the big screen without the need for a "dongle," and similarly to Share Shot, its ability to share photos among a group of people.

Unlike some of Samsung's previous commercials, these ones are actually pretty great. They genuinely demonstrate a unique feature that the Galaxy S III has over its rivals, without mocking those rivals in the process. And I don't know about you, but some of these features, particularly Share Shot, do make me want to purchase a Galaxy S III.

What do you think to Samsung's new ads?

[via CNET]