Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 - Hands On - CES 2014 - 005

Samsung’s efforts to improve on Android and offer its own mobile apps and services have always felt heavy-handed, and personally we tend to prefer Google’s own software. Now it looks like the South Korean tech titan could be finally be easing up its efforts to improve and compete with Android. According to a new report from the Wall Street Journal the company is shifting roughly 500 software engineers away from mobile to work in other divisions.

500 employees may sound like a lot, but for a company as big as Samsung it might not make such a difference. The firm boasted 40,506 software engineers last year, though it doesn’t reveal how those people are spread across different divisions. Samsung isn’t likely to drop its own mobile development efforts any time soon, but it looks like the company is shifting more resources towards the “Internet of Things” in an effort to control that growing market.

The news suggests Samsung could also be rethinking its plans for Tizen, an in-house operating system that was expected to compete directly with Android. Instead of releasing a Tizen phone the company has used its software to power new wearable devices, digital cameras and other smart appliances and accessories.

We’re still expecting the company to release at least one Tizen phone this year, though recent reports suggest Samsung will start small with a mid-range handset headed for India this fall.