The Samsung Focus and Focus 2 were the South Korea-based electronics maker's last two released Windows Phone handsets for AT&T. The devices carried model numbers SGH-i917 and SGH-i667 respectively. A new Samsung-made device listed as model number SGH-i687 has surfaced and its moniker appears to fall in line with the aforementioned handsets identification sequence, which suggests that this handset is a Windows Phone device bound for AT&T.

The most interesting detail about Samsung's SGH-i687 is that its user agent profile lists its web browser is Internet Explorer 10, which further suggests that it's a Windows Phone 8 handset. The listing goes on to detail LTE support and a WVGA display. Microsoft has publicly stated that Windows Phone 8 will be arriving in the fall, so we'd assume the earliest we'd see this mysterious device would be sometime around the holidays.

[via: Blog of Mobile, PocketNow]