BTS Samsung Galaxy S II Giveaway

Samsung's smartphone business is booming right now as it continues to roll out one hugely popular smartphone after another. Just days after the release of its Galaxy S III, the Korean company has announced its sales figures for the Galaxy S, the Galaxy S II, and the Galaxy Note… and they're quite something.

The Galaxy S series has achieved over 50 million sales worldwide, with the original Galaxy S selling 24 million units, and the Galaxy S II selling 28 million units to date. The Galaxy Note, Samsung's 5.2-inch "phablet," is also doing incredibly well, despite its size. It has now achieved more than 7 million sales worldwide, with 2 million of those happening in the last two months alone.

The Galaxy S III, the third in that Galaxy S series, is also shaping up to be incredible successful. One Samsung executive revealed that the handset had amassed over 9 million pre-orders in little over a week — nearly half of the 20 million Galaxy S II units sold in its first 12 months on the market.

Are you surprised by the success of Samsung's Galaxy lineup?

[via The Verge]