Remember the legal battle Apple and Samsung were embroiled in with Apple arguing Samsung blatantly stole its iPhone design? Yes, it’s still going on. Apple was originally awarded $1 billion in damages, but Samsung got it down $400 million, and now, thanks to another appeal, that sum is being redetermined at another trial.

United States District Court for the Northern District of California judge Lucy Koh ruled in favor of Samsung for a retrial. This gives Samsung the opportunity to try to lower the $400 million it owes Apple in damages. There’s still the off-chance Apple and Samsung can settle, but that’s highly unlikely. Apple and Samsung now have until October 25 to set a new date for the retrial.

Apple’s legal battle with Samsung has never been about the money, but more so about the principles. It’s mostly about getting Samsung to pay for stealing the original iPhone design as a blueprint to create its Galaxy S phone in the early 2010’s.

The legal courts have pretty much come to the conclusion Samsung infringed upon Apple’s design, but now it’s a matter of deciding the amount of money Samsung should pay Apple. And Samsung has masterfully been able to delay the process for the last five years.