Samsung has been making smartwatches since 2014 under the Gear line, but a major change appears to be on the horizon. In what appears to be a merging between its smartphone and smartwatch lines, Samsung is rumored to be rebranding its smartwatches with the Galaxy name.

A trademark filing first reported by SamMobile shows a logo for the “Samsung Galaxy Watch.” Notably, the logo dons the same font Samsung uses for the Galaxy smartphones, which it has been using since 2015 when the South Korean company introduced the font with the Galaxy S6.

Merging its smartphone and smartwatch lines through branding seems like a great way to revitalize interest in the latter. Samsung was one of the early entrants into the smartwatch market but has since been passed by the Apple Watch handily while interest in other smartwatches has waned.

A rebrand is a good way to once again put the spotlight on Samsung’s smartwatches.

There is another piece to the puzzle. Samsung’s Galaxy line has always been associated with its Android-powered smartphones but its smartwatches stopped using Android Wear, now rebranded as Wear OS, back in 2015. It’s unclear whether Samsung is planning on returning to Google’s smartwatch software as multiple reports claim.