Samsung is in the midst of rolling out an “urgent software update” through its Galaxy Apps Store for the Galaxy S8 in Canada and the U.S. The upgrade patches a bug that resulted in some units displaying an alert as often as every 30-seconds, informing owners that “DQA keeps stopping.”

For those unaware, the Device Quality Agent (DQA) is a background service responsible for keeping tabs on Wi-Fi quality and ensuring that a handset is optimized for the wireless network it’s connected to — so it’s essential that it’s constantly running without any hiccups.

The ‘reddish tint’ glitch remains at large

What’s surprising is that this particular update doesn’t address the reddish tint some users were noticing on their Galaxy S8’s display, nor does it appear to patch a suspected bug related to the handset’s wireless charging feature. We can only assume that fixes for those glitches will arrive in the coming weeks.