Samsung has rolled out a big update for its Gear Fit2 to deliver improved fitness tracking. Users can look forward to better heart rate monitoring and exercise-tracking abilities, plus new ways to “maximize their training.”

Launched last June, the Gear Fit2 delivers an improved design, built-in GPS, and better specifications. As its name suggests, it’s focused on fitness tracking, which means Samsung must ensure it lives up to that task with accurate heart rate monitoring and exercise recording. Its latest update makes those abilities even better.

Now when you finish an exercise with Gear Fit2, within your post-workout stats you’ll see a color-coded graph that shows you how much time you spent in various heart rate “zones.” There are three available — moderate, vigorous, and maximum — which are based on levels of exertion. It’s a quick and easy way to see just how hard you were working throughout your session.

Samsung has also improved automatic activity detection, which kicks in whenever you exercise for more than ten minutes. You will now see a map following an appropriate auto-tracked workout — such as running and cycling — which will display your approximate location.

“To help users get in the zone during runs, the update also incorporates support for customizable pace targets,” Samsung explains. “Simply input your desired distance and time via the Samsung Health smartphone app to build a workout tailored help you reach your running goals. Users may choose between runs designed to help burn fat or increase cardiovascular endurance, and select an intensity level that works for them.”

You can now customize the information that is displayed during workouts, so you get the data that’s most important to you, such as distanced traveled, calories burned, and heart rate. And when you forget to workout, Gear Fit2 will nudge you every 50 minutes — and provide walkthroughs for simple stretches you can do anywhere to get back on track.

When the workouts are done and you’re ready for a good night’s sleep, Gear Fit2 can provide a deeper insight into your sleep patterns. A multicolored graph shows how much time you spend in restless, light, and motionless sleep zones.

Other changes and improvements in this update include an SOS alert feature that can be activated by triple-clicking the Gear Fit2’s Home key, and the ability to browse and download new watch faces on the device itself. You can download this update now via the Gear app on your smartphone.