Samsung just announced two powerful SSD hard drives. The 850 SSD PRO and EVO both offer 2TB of storage inside a sleek aluminum case. The new hard drives should provide the capacity needed to store plenty of 4K video with all of the speed benefits offered by an SSD.

“Samsung experienced surge in demand for 500 gigabyte (GB) and higher capacity SSDs with the introduction of our V-NAND SSDs. The release of the 2TB SSD is a strong driver into the era of multi-terabyte SSD solutions,” said Un-Soo Kim, who runs Samsung’s memory business. “We will continue to expand our ultra-high performance and large density SSD product portfolio and provide a new computing experience to users around the globe.”

The new hard drives are set to launch in 50 countries. Samsung hasn’t said exactly when they’ll be available or how much they’ll cost, but our guess is they won’t come cheap. The company also promises mSATA and M.2 form factors in the future.