Samsung this week gave us our first look at its Infinity Flex Display technology, which is set to debut on a consumer smartphone sometime next year. While the smartphone Samsung showed off was just a prototype, the company has revealed the specs of its Infinity Flex Display.

During a session at its developer conference, Samsung shared some important details about the technology. Shara Tibken from CNET posted a photo on Twitter:

When folded, Samsung will provide users with a display that’s 4.58 inches (420 ppi) and features a resolution of 840×1960. That’s pretty standard for that size of a display, which, incidentally, is pretty small in today’s landscape. What’s odd, however, is the aspect ratio is 21:9.

When Samsung’s Infinity Flex Display isn’t folded, it provides users with a 7.3-inch screen (420 ppi) with a resolution of 1536 x 2152.

Samsung is clearly preparing to make the Infinity Flex Display a fixture of its future, and this week’s look was just a small glimpse. Google, meanwhile, has announced Android support for displays that fold, so clearly foldable devices are going to be a thing.

Whether they’ll offer an experience that’s superior to a device like the iPhone XS Max or Galaxy Note 9 remains to be seen, but we’re skeptical. We’ll find out when Samsung unveils the consumer model next year.