When a gold-colored version of Samsung’s Galaxy S4 was spotted earlier this week, it was hard not to draw a line straight to Apple’s new iPhone 5s, which also comes in gold and appears to be the most desired version of the new flagship handset. Today, Samsung attempted to set the record straight in a blog post, listing many of the gold-colored—or sometimes actually gold-plated—smartphones it’s designed and sold in its long mobile history.

Samsung also notes that the Galaxy S4 Gold Edition was actually announced on Aug. 27, back when the gold-colored iPhone 5s was still just a rumor, and started selling the device on Sept. 8, two days before Apple officially announced its new flagship smartphone. The golden Galaxy S4 is currently available in the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Qatar, with no indication it will launch globally to compete with the iPhone 5s.

The company also notes that this isn’t an all-inclusive list, but rather a sampling of gold-colored phones Samsung has created. However, it does make sure to include a gold flip phone it released for the Athens Summer Olympics in 2004, three years before Apple released its first smartphone ever—though it’s worth noting the device never actually saw the light of day.