Building new apps into Android has become a staple of Samsung’s mobile dominance. With each successive flagship, the company typically introduces a handful of new experiences, ranging from useful to downright unnecessary. In an attempt to differentiate its upcoming devices even more, it appears the Korean company is prepping a new life logging app, called Samsung Life Times, which SamMobile has outed in a handful of screenshots.

Described as a diary of sorts, Samsung Life Times will help users collect information from different apps—Instagram, Facebook, Google+, etc.—and create a kind of daily log. From the look of it, the app will collect everything you’re doing into a single location, and then let you view a recap, like a highlight reel of your own life. In addition to collecting information from social networks, the app also collects your location, email, messages and more, making all the information relevant in context to the app.

As SamMobile notes, the app is similar in functionality to Samsung’s own Story Album app, though it’s unclear if Life Times is meant to replace the existing app or simply supplement it. Samsung has never shied away from redundancy before. The screenshots you see above were apparently taken from a firmware running on the SM-G900H, which many expect to be the Galaxy S5.