A report last month suggested that Apple recently tapped Samsung to provide as much as 80 percent of the A9 chips for its next iPhone and iPad products. That's a drastic change from this year when Apple gave a lot of its business to Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC). Now there's fresh news on that front.

According to Economic Times, Samsung has already started early production of the chip and it's reportedly building the processor in a plant based in Austin, Texas. Samsung admitted in a statement that it had started working on production but wouldn't confirm to Economic Times who the order was for.

"We said we would inject production wafers when we announced Q3 performance," Samsung told the news outlet. "But we cannot confirm whether we received orders from Apple or at which plant it will be produced."

Apparently Apple asked Samsung specifically to make the chips in the United States, instead of in Korea, which may be part of the company's promise to build more products in the U.S. Economic Times warned that Samsung may face competition from TSMC as it gets its new production facilities online, too.