Samsung Gear Fit featured

Samsung’s second attempt at the wearables market marks a real improvement following the original Galaxy Gear, but the Gear 2 and flashy new Gear Fit will only be as good as the apps developed for them. That’s where the company’s new software development kits (SDKs) come in, offering independent developers a chance to create new experiences and services for the wrist-based devices.

Soon after unveiling its latest wearables alongside the flagship Galaxy S5 at Mobile World Congress, Samsung rolled out relevant SDKs for over 500 developers at the company’s annual Developer Day focusing on the new Tizen-based Gear devices along with one focused on the Galaxy S5’s built-in fingerprint scanner. The company also released a Health-based SDK for apps which make use of sensors built-into the Galaxy S5, Gear 2 and Gear Fit.

“Samsung will continue to provide more comprehensive SDKs for our mobile devices and maintain collaborative relationships with development partners to present unique and unprecedented content and services to our customers,” said Samsung exec Dr. Won-Pyo Hong.

The Galaxy S5’s design may be a disappointment, but Samsung’s flagship smartphone already boasts the apps and services to guarantee its success. Meanwhile, the Gear Fit offers a stunning design but extremely limited functionality. Whether it can offer more than just a pretty face is up to developers.