With Apple Pay and Android Pay vying to be the top digital wallet of choice, it might be Samsung Pay that becomes the service to beat. Set for an official launch here in the U.S. on Sept. 28, Samsung’s solution is primed to become the most robust and widely accepted service yet, with support for both NFC and magnetic-based payment terminals. That means you can pretty much use Samsung Pay anywhere credit and debit cards are accepted, making it a much more versatile option.

In an effort to get the point across, Samsung made a video that perfectly captures why Samsung Pay is going to be the service to beat. Among a dozen different scenarios where one might use a mobile payment platform, the video shows Samsung Galaxy owners effortlessly using the service at both NFC and magnetic-based payment terminals. Then comes the moment when an iPhone tries to do the same, and nothing happens.

Nobody is questioning the ease of use of Apple Pay and Android Pay; Apple Pay, meanwhile, has a sizable lead when it comes to banks supporting the service. Last we heard that number was well over 500. But because Samsung Pay is so versatile, there’s no doubt that it’s the superior service. Now does that mean it’ll become the most popular digital wallet on the market? No, not necessarily. Samsung Pay will be available to select Galaxy phones at launch, and it’ll only be compatible with select cards, too. At least until more banks start rolling out support.

If you have a Galaxy Note 5 or S6 Edge Plus, you’ll be able to try the service soon. All the rest of us will need to make sure we only shop at retailers with NFC terminals.