Here's an ad! Bashing Apple! And showing us once again how clueless iPhone owners are. In this contrived, "impromptu" street challenge, that is not at all scripted, Samsung shows just how convenient and functional and awesome and groundbreaking the Galaxy Note's S Pen really is. You can create customized messages, draw on maps and edit PowerPoint presentations, oh my.

In an effort to make the iPhone look utterly inadequate, Samsung challenges two users to complete three simple tasks, leaving the inferior Apple user "upset and embarrassed." While this ad does demonstrate how convenient the S Pen is, the iPhone owner's tech knowledge obviously doesn't extend beyond sending text and email.

It's not the phone, it's the user. If you challenged anyone on the street who's equally as knowledgable – whether they have an iOS, Windows Phone or Android device – I'd imagine they'd have a hard time completing the challenges, too. Not to take anything away from the S Pen, it's certainly useful. But let's be realistic, Samsung. You know who ran cool challenge ads? Microsoft.

Unless you've never used GPS, or looked at a map in your life, the chances of ever needing to draw directions to get somewhere is zero. The only people I can see using an S Pen to draw a circle around a destination is anyone who charts a ship looking for lost treasure.

[via Cult of Android]