Samsung Galaxy Note on AT&T

The Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update for the Samsung Galaxy Note is very slowly making its way to phablets the world over. Those in Germany were the first to receive the software on May 10, while South Korea was the update’s most recent stop earlier this week.

Samsung has now released the source code for the Ice Cream Sandwich release, opening the door for developers to create custom ROMs and kernels for the 5.3-inch device using the Korean company’s official code. Up until this point, these hacks were available, but developers were forced to build upon leaked ROMs.

That meant previous ROMs and kernels weren’t all that safe, and could potentially brick your handset.

As SlashGear notes, Samsung’s release may not make any different immediately, but it should in the coming weeks — particularly to those who like to tinker with their Android handsets. One XDA-Developers forum user writes:

You are going to see a lot of different Roms once we have several safe custom kerenels. [sic]

[via SlashGear]