Apple vs. Samsung - Argument - Lawsuit - Fight - 005

Apple and Samsung's ongoing patent dispute will continue as the two companies have apparently failed to settle out of courtThe Korea Times reports that the Korean company rejected a request that it pay $30 for each disputed smartphone and $40 for each disputed tablet it's sold as royalty, responding that the offer "doesn't make any sense." The Korean paper cites multiple anonymous sources involved in the matter in its report.

According to patent expert Florian Mueller, Apple is looking for a settlement that will seriously cut into its rival's profits, while Samsung isn't prepared to pay more than a smaller symbolic royalty per device.

"For Apple, a deal in which only a few dollars per device change hand wouldn't make strategic sense," he told The Korea Times. "It needs a deal that has an impact on market share and that's what Samsung is apparently not prepared to accept, which I understand."

He also notes that Apple is looking for more than just an edge against Samsung. The company may see this settlement as a chance to set the tone for future disputes with other competitors from OEMs working with the Android platform to Google itself. With settlement talks reportedly stalled, the latest patent dispute between the two companies is expected to go to trial in the U.S. in the next few weeks.