galaxy round commercial

Samsung unveiled the world's first smartphone with a curved screen earlier this month, but under the hood the Galaxy Round packs a regular flat battery, which had to be scaled down to just 2,800mAh to fit inside its curvy shell. However, the company recently suggested it's ready to mass produce the curved batteries it needs to give the Galaxy Round some extra juice, ZDNET Korea reports. It wouldn't be the first to do so, however.

LG's take on curved smartphones, the G Flex, already boasts a curved 3,500mAh battery, and also features a 6-inch display with a vertical curve compared the Galaxy Round's 5.7-inch screen, which curves in from the sides. Both devices are set to launch in South Korea, though we don't know if or when they'll expand globally.

The G Flex and Galaxy Round both appear to be devices meant to test the waters in the curved-display market. It's too early to know how consumers will react to smartphones with displays that appear very different from their flatter counterparts, though one immediate benefit should be the added strength that flexible displays offer.