Samsung logo sign

Samsung's president Boo-Keun Yoon took the stage during the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show on Monday to kick off the company's keynote. He admitted that consumers now have more choices on the market than ever before. He said that, as a result of that state of mind in the market place, Samsung has decided to create devices across a number of sizes. In fact, 80 percent of consumers want TVs that can be updated, instead of left stale on the shelf.

Samsung's evolution kit is a package that solves that problem and allows the company's products to evolve as better technology is created by developers who take advantage of it. "It transformed a great TV into a timeless TV," Boo-Keun Yoon said. He also noted that, as we've seen on the show floor today, consumers are more interested than ever in keeping household devices and appliances connected.

We'll soon know exactly what those devices are.