Apparently three is not enough when it comes to dimensions. A trusted source just tipped me off to Samsung's rumored plan to up the ante in the 3D phone game: They're planning a new Galaxy S phone that will go LG and HTC's latest one better by taking smartphones to the fourth dimension.

Image by Jason Hise, via Wikipedia

Rumored to be called "Galaxy S iVD" (aka Galaxy S 4D), this quad-core beast of an Android device will apparently feature both 3D and 4D capabilities. The 3D functionality will be the standard fare, with dual cameras for 3D photo and video capture and a parallax barrier display for glasses-free 3D viewing. While the details haven't all been worked out, my source tells me that Sammy is hard at work on a 3D version of their TouchWiz Android user experience. The internal codename for the project is apparently, "TouchWiz 4.1."

Where it really gets interesting, however, is when we step into the Fourth D. The first three dimensions are commonly referred to as length, width, and depth. According to this rumor, Samsung has decided to go with time as its fourth dimension. Samsung's system is said to allow users to step back into time to "undo" common cell phone faux pas including drunk dials, kneejerk-angry text messages, and "emailing photos to your Mom instead of your girlfriend … oopsies!" The tipster also said that Sammy is in negotiations with Facebook and FourSquare around a feature tentatively called, "I didn't mean to stalk you last night. Sorry :-(" No details regarding the feature or the negotiations were given.

Outlandish as a 4D phone sounds, today is April 1st, and with Spring comes all sorts of fresh ideas and unexpected beauty. No timetable was given for the Galaxy SiVD hitting the market, though the tipster said that Samsung is very aware of NVIDIA's projected ship date for their "Project Kal-El" quad-core chipsets, and that "time travel will require all four cores. Duh."

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