Last month Samsung promised a new Gear VR would be launching “soon,” but it turns out the company could leave us waiting for at least a few more months for something even better. A new report out of Korea claims the Galaxy-maker is hard at work on a dedicated virtual reality headset for release sometime next year.

The article doesn’t reveal much else, but it hints that efforts to lock up exclusive VR content could be holding up the release. We assume Samsung’s new device will resemble the Oculus Rift or HTC’s Vive, meaning you’ll need a pretty powerful desktop computer on hand to actually use it. Then again, it’s possible the company could surprise us with a truly stand-alone product.

Samsung’s already released two versions of the Gear VR, which rely on a Galaxy smartphone to power the experience and provide the display. The company also recently patented a new headset with its own built-in display along with a projector, biometric scanners and more.

We’re not really sure what to expect from Samsung when it comes to its next steps in virtual reality. With Sony, HTC and Oculus all gearing up to release powerful VR headsets next year, it’s time for the Galaxy-maker to unleash an exciting new product of its own.