Garnet Red Samsung Galaxy S III AT&T8Samsung is reportedly preparing a homebred browser that could one day show up on the company's popular Galaxy devices. According to CNET, the Korea-based company put out ads for WebKit developers in the hopes of creating a viable competitor to mobile browsers such as Safari and Chrome.

Allegedly, the Galaxy S III-maker's train of thought is that the average consumer is perfectly happy with their device's default browser. As such, most Galaxy owners will be unlikely to change to, say, Chrome, if Samsung's Galaxy devices already have a default browser on it. CNET also suggests this would be an excellent way for manufacturers to differentiate their devices, much like skins in Android already do.

Be that as it may, Chrome is currently the most widely used desktop browser on the market, and offers some convenient syncing capabilities with mobile, among other things. It would be a pretty lofty enterprise to overtake a browser such as that — not to mention Safari — in the Android turf.

Still, Samsung is reportedly on the prowl for folks with knowledge of browsers using WebKit, so we could possibly see something in the future running on the company's Galaxy devices.

[via CNET]