Samsung is definitely dropping some hints that there are more versions of the Galaxy Tab on the way.  Android Central points us towards a Samsung video that starts off by showing us some people who currently use the Galaxy Tab, and then asks "What's Your Tab Life?".  This is followed by showing us the numbers "7 8 9 10" with a promise of more info coming next week at the CTIA show in Orlanda, Florida.

We already know about the Galaxy Tab 10.1, and while some think that those numbers could represent four different sizes of screens, that does seem a bit like overkill for any product.  The video does seem to show some darkened shots of at least one new device, but we highly doubt its three new ones.

All should be revealed next week and we'll be sure to bring you all of that coverage.

What do you think?  Is Samsung introducing three new tablets?

[via Android Central]