Despite publicly mocking Apple and its fans, Samsung attended Friday's iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c launch at Apple's flagship store on Manhattan's Fifth Avenue. Why? To figure out why people are so excited and willing to wait in line for Apple products. Not that the company would admit it, but it sure sounds like there's a tinge of jealousy coursing through the Korean company's veins.

According to CNET, the Galaxy S4-maker sent a crew of videographers for the purpose of documenting the occasion. Friday's launch was particularly hyped because Apple released not one, but two iPhones. Apple today said sales so far have been really good, but declined to share figures. One thing we do know: it's next to impossible to get the iPhone 5s in gold—Apple is already ramping up production in order to meet demand.

Samsung's presence was more for research purposes, according to CNET's report. Rather than visibly promote its brand at a rival event—Samsung would be crazy to do so in front of one of Apple's largest stores—the company instead quietly interviewed people in line, mostly asking questions about their experience and why they wait in line for Apple products.

"Other companies release new phones, but there's not as much passion and heat (from buyers)," a Korea-based producer from Samsung Broadcasting Center/Cheil Worldwide, who asked not to be named. "It's only Apple. Why? We're curious."

The crew itself, CNET notes, came from Samsung's Broadcasting Center/Cheil Worldwide, and not from the company's electronics arm. Still, Cheil is responsible for working with Samsung on marketing campaigns, while the Broadcasting wing is still under the Samsung umbrella. Samsung apparently will only use the footage shot during Apple's iPhone day for internal use, to study up and try and crack why Apple launches in particular garner so much attention.

Samsung has a following on its own right, and sells a ton of devices worldwide; the company is currently Apple's biggest rival. But Samsung still hasn't been able to capture the same crowds during big launch events, and that very clearly concerns the Korean company.