galaxy-tab-2With the announcement of the iPad 2 this week, Samsung has been left wondering if it should reconsider portions of its Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet.

Last month at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, Samsung introduced its latest addition to its tablet line, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.  While the company went through listing off all of the usual information when it came to tech specs, conspicuously missing was the price.  It now appears this may have been because the company was waiting to see what Apple would do with the iPad 2.

Speaking with Yonhap News Agency, executive vice president of Samsung’s mobile division Lee Don-Joo said, “The 10-inch (tablet) was to be priced higher than the 7-inch (tablet) but we will have to think that over,” referring to the existing version of the Galaxy Tab.  The original model had an off-contract price of around $900, so it makes sense that the larger one would cost more, but with Apple holding the line at $499 for the cheapest iPad 2, and $829 for the most expensive, going higher than $900 would even make the subsidized pricing through carriers just too high to fully compete.

Lee went on to point out, “We will have to improve the parts that are inadequate.  Apple made it very thin.”  The Galaxy Tab 10.1 clocks in at 10.9-millimeters while the iPad 2 is only 8.8-millimeters.  While we aren’t quite sure how being thicker than the competition can be viewed as “inadequate” when items such as the cameras are far superior, it does appear to be a point of contention for the Korean manufacturer.

Still no word on what the price may end up being or a release date.

What do you think?  Should Samsung be that concerned with the size of the iPad 2?

[via Engadget, source Yonhap News Agency]