Samsung is still trying to convince other companies to adopt its SmartThings platform for new connected devices, and its latest hire may be able to help. Dora Hsu spent the past 14 years working at Google, including four as senior director of the the search giant's Cloud Platform, before joining SmartThings in 2015.

GigaOm reports that Hsu will be tasked with convincing developers outside of Samsung to work with the SmartThings platform. It won't be an easy job, with plenty of companies wary of relying on Samsung too much. Then again, Hsu's experience at Google, where she says she increased awareness for its cloud platform by 500 percent in one year, should certainly come in handy.

The goal is to eventually offer a huge selection of smart devices that work within the SmartThings ecosystem, and the company already boasts more than 150 gadgets to choose from. That's just the start of a plan to offer the best marketplace out there, a sort of App Store for the Internet of Things, and with Hsu's help Samsung may just succeed.